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Haslacher Wallet
Kuens - Haslacher
€32.00 *
Penegal Wallet
Kuens - Penegal
€32.00 *
Burg Wallet
Kuens - Burg
€32.00 *
Traun Wallet
Kuens - Traun
€32.00 *
Braun Wallet
Kuens - Braun
€32.00 *
Gugl Wallet
Kuens - Gugl
€32.00 *
Köbl Wallet
Kuens - Köbl
€32.00 *
Brunst Wallet
Kuens - Brunst
€32.00 *
Rovereto Wallet
Kuens - Rovereto
€32.00 *
Egger Wallet
Kuens - Egger
€32.00 *
Lenke Wallet
Kuens - Lenke
€32.00 *
Breiteben Wallet
Kuens - Breiteben
€32.00 *
Wötsch Wallet
Kuens - Wötsch
€32.00 *
Pacher Wallet
Kuens - Pacher
€32.00 *
Gallmetz Wallet
Kuens - Gallmetz
€32.00 *
Stampfer Wallet
Kuens - Stampfer
€32.00 *
Loderin Wallet
Kuens - Loderin
€32.00 *
Vigo Wallet
Kuens - Vigo
€32.00 *
Riegel Wallet
Kuens - Riegel
€32.00 *
Lafeid Wallet
Kuens - Lafeid
€32.00 *
Montog Wallet
Kuens - Montog
€32.00 *
1 From 4

Colourful PVC wallets, handmade by olleTog

Your ID, cash and cards will easily fit into one of our truck tarpaulin and synthetic leather wallets. Thanks to their compact size, our truck tarpaulin wallets will hold your most personal valuables. Banknotes and ATM cards can be conveniently secured and are easily accessed, thanks to the practical Velcro or zip fastener. Truck tarpaulin and synthetic leather are hardwearing - so dirt and water don't stand a chance!

Which is the right wallet for me?

The wallets in our product range are of different sizes, designs and patterns.

  • The Niederdorf is ideal for carrying small change, credit cards and small accessories like headphones.
  • The Kuens works best as a PVC travel case, or as a children's wallet. It contains a purse with zipper with enough space for ID card, banknotes and credit cards. Thanks to its neck strap, the Kuens wallet also doubles as a children’s breast pouch. Your child’s pocket money is safely stored in this money bag!
  • The Obereggen has enough space for coins, cash and cards. Unlike the Niederdorf and Kuens, this wallet closes with a zip.
  • The Lappach synthetic leather wallet is our largest model. With separate cash compartments, zipped coin purse and card slots, your wallet will always stay tidy. The Lappach has a zip opening.
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