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Neudorf Roll backpack
Riffian - Neudorf
€105.00 *
Drau Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Drau
€135.00 *
Zafig Roll backpack
Riffian - Zafig
€105.00 *
Zinnwiesen Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Zinnwiesen
€135.00 *
Zafig Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Zafig
€135.00 *
Tanzer Gym backpack
Corvara - Tanzer
€42.00 *
Vogtland Gym backpack
Corvara - Vogtland
€42.00 *
Spiss Gym backpack
Corvara - Spiss
€42.00 *
Spiss Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Spiss
€135.00 *
Vernuer Gym backpack
Corvara - Vernuer
€42.00 *
Silvester Gym backpack
Corvara - Silvester
€42.00 *
Seminar Gym backpack
Corvara - Seminar
€42.00 *
Montog Gym backpack
Corvara - Montog
€42.00 *
Montani Gym backpack
Corvara - Montani
€42.00 *
Neudorf Gym backpack
Corvara - Neudorf
€42.00 *
Meister Gym backpack
Corvara - Meister
€42.00 *
Puni Gym backpack
Corvara - Puni
€42.00 *
Plafat Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Plafat
€135.00 *
Damm Gym backpack
Corvara - Damm
€42.00 *
San Marco Gym backpack
Corvara - San Marco
€42.00 *
Moorberg Gym backpack
Corvara - Moorberg
€42.00 *

Sports backpacks for work and leisure

Our practical backpacks make the ideal travel companion for those constantly on the move; for those commuting on foot or by bike from home to the office or university. Functional and stable, olleTog backpacks offer plenty of space for your most needed everyday items: laptops, folders or your sports gear. Whether you're a creative urbanite or a mobile mummy, our stylish, monochrome backpacks are sure to inspire!

Our backpacks come in three models:

olleTog Backpacks

Our backpacks and rucksacks are 100% handmade at our atelier in Merano, South Tyrol, with our materials printed and processed in-house. Following fair-trade practices and sustainably manufactured, what sets our backpacks apart are their painstaking, high-quality workmanship.
Always adapting to current market trends, our stylish and colourful designs are the work of the creative team at olleTog in Merano. Whether casual or sophisticated – you’ll be sure to find your choice handmade leatherette or paper backpack from our wide product range!

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