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100% Handmade in South Tyrol
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Astfeld Messenger bag
Glurns - Astfeld
€69.00 *
Vogtland Clutch bag
Mölten - Vogtland
€49.00 *
Zinnwiesen Clutch bag
Mölten - Zinnwiesen
€49.00 *
Zafig Clutch bag
Mölten - Zafig
€49.00 *
Treib Clutch bag
Mölten - Treib
€49.00 *
Moorberg Clutch bag
Mölten - Moorberg
€49.00 *
Tanzer Clutch bag
Mölten - Tanzer
€49.00 *
Franzoi Clutch bag
Mölten - Franzoi
€49.00 *
Elsler Clutch bag
Mölten - Elsler
€49.00 *
Zara Shopping bag
Kurzras - Zara
€43.00 *
Tauf Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Tauf
€135.00 *
Zinnwiesen Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Zinnwiesen
€135.00 *
Zafig Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Zafig
€135.00 *
Tanzer Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Tanzer
€135.00 *
Trei Messenger bag
Bruneck - Trei
€95.00 *
Montani Shopping bag
Tschars - Montani
€119.00 *
Tauf Shopping bag
Tschars - Tauf
€119.00 *
Spiss Messenger bag
Bruneck - Spiss
€95.00 *
Vogtland Messenger bag
Bruneck - Vogtland
€95.00 *
Soeles Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Soeles
€135.00 *
Vogtland Backpack bag
Pfalzen - Vogtland
€135.00 *
1 From 9

Hand-stitched tarpaulin bags from South Tyrol

Keep on smiling (you can afford to) for a long time to come. Thanks to your stylish, brightly-coloured olleTog bag made of hard-wearing truck tarpaulin, you’ll overcome all the obstacles in your way!

Durable, hard-wearing PVC and synthetic leather bags

What’s makes olleTog tarpaulin bags so different? Their ideal symbiosis of form and function. No matter what the weather’s like, our resistant waterproof PVC tarpaulin bags protect your most valuable everyday items such as laptop, mobile phone and file folders. Whether it rains, snows or there’s a storm outside, other bags don’t shape up like ours do! Even when your olleTog bag is filled to bursting-point, our broad, adjustable shoulder-straps distribute the weight evenly, ensuring comfort.

Where are our tarpaulin bags produced?

Our truck tarpaulin bags are made in our atelier in South Tyrol, in the spa town of Merano. Each bag is crafted with great care – which is why they’re so well-made. Day after day, our experienced seamstresses reproduce the highest quality handwork! With European-sourced materials, even the inks we use for screen-printing are all CE-approved. From design to printing, cutting and stitching – our olleTog bags are 100% Made in Italy. Which means: produced fairly, and to the highest standards!

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