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Wötsch Wallet
Vals - Wötsch
€49.00 *
Huber Wallet
Vals - Huber
€49.00 *
Breiteben Wallet
Vals - Breiteben
€49.00 *
Riegel Wallet
Vals - Riegel
€49.00 *
Runerberg Wallet
Vals - Runerberg
€49.00 *
Loderin Wallet
Vals - Loderin
€49.00 *
Lenke Wallet
Vals - Lenke
€49.00 *
Neudorf Wallet
Vals - Neudorf
€49.00 *
Montog Wallet
Vals - Montog
€49.00 *
Hasl Wallet
Vals - Hasl
€49.00 *

Handmade truck tarpaulin wallet - model Vals

This wallet has become a real eye-catcher and can be perfectly coordinated with the matching olleTog bag.

Fashionable - this modern wallet is a real space miracle and provides plenty of storage space and a variety of options. Space for business cards, credit cards and two compartments for small change.

The wallets are made from 100% PVC in our factory in the heart of Merano. The Vals model is also water- and dirt-repellent, extremely durable and tear-resistant.

Our wallets are not only robust and chic: the colourful designs ensure that you will always be able to find your truck tarpaulin wallet quickly in your bag!

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