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Montog Phone bag
Vahrn - Montog
€38.00 *
Riegel Phone bag
Vahrn - Riegel
€38.00 *
Hasl Phone bag
Vahrn - Hasl
€38.00 *
Wötsch Phone bag
Vahrn - Wötsch
€38.00 *

Colourful mobile phone pockets for optimal protection and good mood

We always take our smartphones with us – after all, they not only connect us to our family and friends, but are also our camera, calendar, notebook, alarm clock and much more. olleTog’s colourful mobile phone sleeves ensure that your precious smartphone stays protected from all the action. Whether you're jogging, hiking or just having fun at a party, our stylish mobile phone cases with Velcro seal keep your smartphone safe and close at hand. You can even fit your keys and credit card inside! Each mobile phone case has a removable strap and can be converted into a mini beauty case.

Handmade Smartphone cases

Our mobile phone cases are every bit as individualistic as you: choose your favourite eye-catching personal accessory from a range of colourful patterns! Each phone case is made by hand at our atelier in South Tyrol. This colourful phone accessory exudes individuality and pure joie-de-vivre!

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